Modular Experiment: Expert Sleepers Disting Clockable Wavetable LFO

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Disting Mk4

Experiment: Expert Sleepers Disting precision adder and quantizer


Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 is a utility module with dozens of algorithms. In this case I am testing out A-1 Precision Adder and H-3 Dual Quantizer. An adder combines voltages. In this case sequence pitch and a Quantizer converts input to a note from a specified scale, in this case p11 minor triad + root +5th+7th, with a root of B.


  • Simple four on the floor drumbeat in Ableton (NI Battery kit Lagos) with chance and randomization applied to the high hats.
  • Disting:
    • Simple sequence from Ableton fed via Endorphines Shuttle Control into Endorphines Furthrrr Generator for repeating base ebb and flow
    • That sequence is multed into disting precision adder A1 with clocked marbles fed in as well. The output runs through Disting H4 dual quantizer to x attenuation 12, y attenuation 24, scale minor triad + root +5th+7th with a root of B. The quantized sequence is run through Plaits.
  • Plaits:
    • Plays a C note with modulation from Clep Diaz
    • Set to Vowel and speech synthesis, which is a form of formant synthesis
  • Effects
    • Native Instruments Replica XT, and Raum provide delay, pitch and reverb effects

Hear It:

Tags: Ableton Live, Craigspeed, Endorphines Furthrrr Generator, Endorphines Shuttle Control, Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4, modular music, modular music experiment, music, music experiment, Mutable Instruments Plaits, Native Instruments Battery, Native Instruments Raum, Native Instruments Replica XT

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