Music Release: Recommended Tactics for Voltage Modulation

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Recommended Tactics for Voltage Modulation

Recommended Tactics for Voltage Modulation is LIVE!

Check out the newest release from Asian Turtle Crisis. Recommended Tactics for Voltage Modulation is a long-play digital release with 23 tracks and over 70 minutes of music. At just $7 on Bandcamp, that’s about 30 cents a song or a buck for 10 minutes of music. I dare you to find better. You can’t because this is fully experimental improvised Modular Music. That’s voltage driven music where the musician/scientist uses little patch cables to send voltage to and from different devices to generate all sorts of crazy sounds that just might have you thinking “Wah??? Huh???? That’s pretty cool.”

Don’t miss out. Find Recommended Tactics forVoltage Modulation anywhere you buy or stream music:

Apple Music

You name it.

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