Modular Experiment: Endorphines Shuttle Control Clock and Modulation Generation

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Endorphines Shuttle Control

Experiment: Shuttle Control clock and modulation generation


Endorphines Shuttle Control is a MIDI to CV converter that allows the user to send data from a computer, controller or other MIDI source to modules in a case. Endorphines Shuttle Control has a template interface that allows you to define what type of data signals are sent to your modular. In this experiment I sent different clock patterns and LFO shapes, using Ableton as a master clock and sequence source.

The Setup:

  • Simple four on the floor drumbeat in Ableton (NI Battery kit Lagos) with chance and randomization applied to the high hats.
  • Mutable Rings:
    • C note being triggered by a Fibonacci sequence generated by shuttle control tapping three sixteenth notes at the start of a 4 beat bar.
    • The sixteenth notes generate a trigger in a Fibonacci sequence that restarts every four beats.
    • Rings is set to green, green. Modal resonator one note polyphony.
    • Shape is modulated by LFO triangle at sixteenth notes out of the shuttle control
    • Position is modulated by LFO sample and hold at sixteenth notes out of the shuttle control
  • Mutable Plaits:
    • Set to harmonic oscillator, playing C3 notes with increasing and decreasing velocity to trigger random notes with probability around the voltage levels out of the shuttle control
    • The notes are triggered by quarter notes
    • Two sequences overlap
  • Effects
    • Native Instruments Replica XT, Eventide Crystals and Valhalla Supermassive provide delay, pitch shifting and reverb effects

Hear It:

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