Fink Tank

Complete remote rockin’.

Around the time Covid hit us I started jamming with two guys named Mark. One lives in Orlando, Florida and one is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They’re both from my wife’s hometown in Michigan.

Mark and Mark have been making music together since they were kids. They had a bunch of songs ready to go and just needed someone to handle the guitar parts. I just happened to have a sweet Fender Jazzmaster at the ready. 

We shared file back and forth virtually during the epidemic and found our styles reasonably complementary. The result has been a couple of smoking EPs I’m sure you’d enjoy.

Our Facebook has a bunch of songs on it.

Here’s a video we put together from remote locations during Covid. I’ve still never met one of the Marks in person.

I Fink Therefore I Am

Our debut has some really inspired songs. Mark and Mark were raised on 80s punk, with a fondness for the Ramones and X, hotrods and loud. I did my best to channel Billy Zoom on some of these but the riffs are all mine.

The album’s available most everywhere but you can checkout it out free of charge on YouTube. Then head over to Amazon or Apple Music and BUY IT!

I Fink Therefore I Am (YouTube)

Fink Again

After crushing it with “I Fink…” we took what we learned, added some unstable compounds, shook it up and let her rip.

Fink Again is a toxic combination of sounds and notions. This time I chipped in with a couple compositions, Delusional and Girlfriend Problem. You won’t have any trouble enjoying this rip roaring feast for the senses. Buckle in…

Fink Again (YouTube)