Helping the Stakeholder Visualize the Experience

My work in E-commerce has generally been served with low-fidelity (comps) and mid-fidelity (wireframes) prototyping. But I do have experience building prototypes and proof of concepts and I often experiment with new tools.

In graduate school I completed a number of prototypes and proof of concepts using tools like flash, director and Arduino. Tools come and go and I make use of whatever is most convenient and best practice at the time. Initial Responsive Prototype

Here is a Figma prototype I created for the responsive version of this site portfolio site before I decided to build it out in WordPress.

Click the expand arrows in the top right of the viewer to expand the prototype to full screen. If the UI fades out, mouseover to view.


ACCD Environmental Design

This immersive flash site was designed as a prototype for the Art Center Environmental Department. It includes an expanding, interactive navigational device, and customizable rooms. The site has a dedicated gallery section, however the entire design is a showcase for student work.

The site was created with Ludmil Trenkov and Syuzi Pakhchyan of ACCD’s MPD program. I designed the pages and built the flash. As flash is no longer supported I have included a video walkthrough of the site.

Library of the Future Concept

This flash prototype was intended to demonstrate what a technologically enhanced library of the future could look like. The original flash demo is lost but these slides indicate what the clickthrough was like.

The library is outfitted with large touchscreens for navigating the catalog. Customers can then swipe the books they find at smaller screens at the end of each bookshelf to check them out.

The demo indicated how the touchscreens would work.


Screenshots of a flash demo of a library of the future concept
Screenshots of a flash demo of a library of the future concept
Screenshots of a flash demo of a library of the future concept
Screenshots of a flash demo of a library of the future concept

Microsoft Survey Prototype

Microsoft was an important Cheskin client. I worked on several projects for them. In one we developed a clickthrough prototype of the survey we would use as part of our customer research.


Screenshot of the intro page of a clickthrough Microsoft survey demo
Microsoft Survey

Equanimity Project Demo

This experiment in physical interactivity was constructed as part of Phil Van Allen’s Interactive Objects and Spaces class at Art Center. EunKyoung Kim and myself created a shrine in the form of a scale with an embedded potentiometer sensor.

The scale was rigged to a laptop and projector via a microcontroller interface. Pouring water into the the cups forming either end of the scale provoked changes in the video projected by the laptop. One side of the scale represented “organic”, the other “mechanical”.

At rest and equally balanced, the projection displayed the word “Equanimity” over a placid pool. As you disrupted the balance by adding water to one side or another the water clip became more transluscent and revealed randomly generated pithy phrase superimposed over a series of increasingly emotional frame images from vintage silent movies. The scale’s movements scrubbed the film clips.

The project explored the idea that by engaging in life we may lose control and balance but gain experiences.


I later developed a flash version of this piece so viewer could interact with it as they might have the actual piece. Flash is no longer supported so instead I’m providing this video walkthrough.

Driving into Traffic

I created this interactive piece with Rob Prideaux, my colleague from SegaSoft.

As it was built in Flash, I have included a video walkthrough. The screen recording software doesn’t capture the mouse on Mac, so you won’t see the clickthrough. The little cars were links and as you clicked them the car display changed. Mousing over the image then displayed the text.