Print and Illustration

Where I got my start

I got my start in design producing illustrations for small publications. I then moved to producing ads for a subsidiary of the Press-Telegram in Long Beach, where I learned the Adobe tools. Later I refined my skills in the Media Design graduate program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I produced my most mature design work at that time before deciding to focus completely on User Experience design and management.

Vapor Magazine Concept

The artsy tabloid of schizophrenic culture

I designed this magazine for an editorial design class at Art Center. I envisioned it as an eclectic tabloid that would explore the extremes of media culture: conspiracy theories, tin foil-hat hypotheses, online memes, talk-radio blather and insane rumors.

My launch issue featured an article on radio conspiracy theorist Art Bell. Another focused on the phenomenon of “Crypto-zoology”.


  • Art direction, design, and all production
  • Alien illustration for volume 2 cover created by Elliot Lim.


  • Vapor logo
  • Magazine structure and format
  • Magazine illustrations and page designs

Dictionary Set Concept

Modular System for large volume reference set

I designed this set of reference dictionaries for an advanced typography class at Art Center.


  • Art direction, design, and all production


  • Dictionary set format
  • Page structure and layout
  • Prototype production

Kurosawa and Mifune

Double-duty movie poster/ brochure for a film festival

I developed this poster that folds to a brochure for a fictional film festival of the great director Akira Kurosawa and his leading man Toshiro Mifune. The poster is designed so it can easily fold into brochure format and looks equally good either way.


  • Design, produce and write the printed piece


  • Poster that folds into a brochure

Frag with Dick and Jane

Pitch book to land a gaming industry heavy hitter was an online destination for gamers. It provided unique editorial content and a powerful matching network for gamers to play one another online. To compete effectively Heat needed to provide access to the biggest and best games in the industry.

Quake was one the most popular multiplayer games on the site. Developer Id Software was preparing to release Quake 3 and Heat wanted to land the game.

I was tasked with developing a custom leave-behind for the marketing department’s pitch. They suggested adapting the classic story “Fun with Dick and Jane” as “Frag with Dick and Jane”. I adapted the imagery, designed the book and wrote the copy.


  • Art direction, design, copy and all production


  • Leave behind brochure

Illustration Work

Imagery for books and magazines

Illustrations were my foot in the door to professional design. I created illustrations for the San Diego Reader, San Diego Arts Mostly and Umbrella Magazine.


  • Art direction, concepts and illustration


  • Various illustrations