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  Sites designed to meet client objectives

I'm a firm believer that a clear, strategic process is the surest path to a successful design solution. I work with clients to help delineate their goals, and develop creative briefs that explain how a particular approach will address these goals.

In larger, more complex projects a clear project plan and timeline is absolutely essential. Clients are often surprised to discover how accurately the upfront, careful planning nets out in design solutions that target their goals.

Unless otherwise indicated,
my role on these projects included art direction, design, and production.

  The virtual makeover site's virtual makeover

Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover was SegaSoft's most successful software product, but the promotional site was sadly outdated. It was little more than a marketing brochure. Our goal was to turn CVMO into a dynamic community with monthly makeovers, bulletin boards, an online store and other features. And it all had to be completed in a month.

Utilizing a simple clip art resource and existing product art I created a content-driven web site that would easily grow to accommodate future additions to the product line. Marketing was pleased with the results and only a few weeks after the new site debuted, the product line was sold for 10 million dollars to the Learning Company.

  Comps for the wireless innovator

Pop Wireless was a startup interested in providing wireless services for consumers and industry. They hired me to develop comps for their site launch. We went with a comic book inspired look.

  Site comps for a scooter store

I was contracted by a third party to create comps for a Mission district scooter store on spec. They wanted a modern "sport-techy" look.

  RealTime Communications brochure site front

I designed and produced this site for Nancy of RealTime Communications. The simple brochure-style site explained her approach, services, introduced some of her clients and provided contact information. We took a classic design approach to the site.

  Comps for the capital asset managment company

I was contracted by a PR firm to design site comps for one of their clients. We came up with a number of bold clean concepts that supported their company vision.

  Craigspeed v2

This served as my web portfolio for several years. The design was created to showcase work back when broadband was less commonplace. I wanted to communicate a sense of excitement, hence the catch phrase "exhilarating design".

  My Art Center portfolio

Students in the Media Design graduate program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California were required to maintain online portfolios of their work. I built this site in flash. The spirograph-inspired elements rotated and morphed when moused-over.

  Art Center portfolio comps

This is a prototype I created for my portfolio while I was a student in the Media Design graduate program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. It was built in flash. The muscle car had a scrolling license plate that read, "Honk if you love Guy Debord," a French theorist we read in the program.

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