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  The artsy tabloid of schizophrenic culture

I designed this magazine for an editorial design class at Art Center. I envisioned it as an eclectic tabloid that would explore the extremes of media culture: conspiracy theories, tin foil-hat hypotheses, online memes, talk-radio blather and insane rumors.

My launch issue featured an article on radio conspiracy theorist Art Bell. Another focused on the phenomenon of "Crypto-zoology".

My role on the project included art direction, design, and all production.

The alien illustration for volume 2 (on the right) was created by Elliot Lim.

I created these deliverables
• Vapor logo
• Magazine structure and format
• Magazine illustrations and page designs

  Initial brainstorming

I spent a great deal of time researching possibilities before settling on Vapor. My tagline was "schizophrenic culture". I wanted it to be really "out there" but I also imagined tackling issues in music and the arts. So I went with Vapor which seemed more open-ended than some of my other choices.

  Logo exploration

Once I settled on Vapor, I explored a number of font and hand drawn logo options.

  The Vapor logo

We I wanted a logo that had a modern, technological feel, with a treatment that hinted at an ephemeral and artistic quality. I created a standard logo and this treatment that was created via a filter in Corel Painter.

  Inside spreads - table of contents

I wanted the spread to have a very high end design/artsy feel with cover and interior illustrations that hinted at the content. I separated one-time features and recurring departments as obsessions and compulsions.

  Inside spreads - table of contents

Sticking with the "schizophrenic culture" theme, the recurring departments were called "compulsions".

  Developing attitude in the editorial column

I wanted the tabloid to have a very aggressive "in-your-face" attitude and wry sense of humor. I wrote a lot of custom copy for these prototypes.

  Inside spreads - Art Bell feature

I created this photoshop illustration from limited imagery available online. The title reflected the off-handed humor I intended.

  Inside spreads - Art Bell feature

The splintered imagery in this spread was intended to reflected the fractured nature of our "schizophrenic culture."

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