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  Building a big presence with a little budget had been created as a destination for young gamers. Following the development of and the Dreamcast Network, the company shifted its focus to network development. Unfortunately, neither financial nor personnel resources were allocated to rebuilding the corporate presence to reflect the new business model.

Working with content from the existing site and text from a new marketing brochure, I created a web site to position SegaSoft as the cutting edge company we wanted to be. I created custom art and built all the pages.

My role on the project included art direction, design, and all production.

I created these deliverables
• 3D art
• Site design and production

  The original

During the dot com boom, human resources in the Bay Area were hard to come by. Even a well-funded startup like ours had to make a lot out of a little. Our design staff was barebones, but one of the most productive departments in the company. When marketing decided the corporate site was out of date there wasn’t a lot of money to throw at fixing it.

The original Segasoft was designed to entertain children. It was an extremely heavy download for dial-ups and did not reflect the company we had become.

I helped maintain the look and feel through updates, but this is not my design.

  The redesign

I took the redesign on as a personal project, culling content for our marketing materials and designing a site that reflected the move the company was making from a entertainment site for tweens and teens to a trailblazing, large-scale networks company. I developed a look and feel that was classic, but with a modern edge, that indicated who we wanted to be as an organization.

  The redesign

The modular site focused on community, Segasoft’s key resource, by featuring user submitted photos, photographs of employees and community events.

It was simple, clean and reflected the company's priorities.

  The redesign

Management approved and the site was soon launched. Shortly thereafter the design was applied to our onesheets and marketing materials.

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