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  Television food show pilot, motion graphics and launch

Sirr and Vadan Less of Integrated Alchemy Media are into food. They're the kind of guys you want at your party – the ones who will take over the grill and make everyone happy. They came up with the idea for a unique food show combining their particular intelligence and humor with bold motion graphics and exciting animation. I helped them make their vision a reality.

My role on the project included art direction, design, static and motion design, and all production.

I created these deliverables
• Logo/identity system
• TV pilot video intro and interstitial motion
graphics animations including illustrations
• DVD packaging and other collateral
• Trade show booth posters and graphics

  Design research and initial logo exploration

Our process for this project included:

• Define overall project goals and objectives
• Design research, exploring collage and 60s
poster art
• Broad experimentation quckly narrowed to a
defined direction. Simultaneous
development of static and motion graphics

We started by identifying the Less brother’s overall goals and the creative direction to pursue. They were interested in eclectic design approaches, collage and hippie era art. We determined from the outset that a collage motion approach would be taken to interstitial cartoon segments tying together their show’s live action sequences. The logo and ID needed to complement the video work.

  The Less Experienced Identity

The boys eventually settled on the logo of an open mouth that signified both the act of biting into food and the aggressive in-your-face nature they envisioned for the show. We were able leverage this logo quite successfully for the show's introductory animation.

  The show's introductory ID/branding animation

The show was designed to consist of several live action pieces, punctuated by related interstitial animation. We adopted the technique of motion collage that enabled us to easily create fanciful adaptations of the Less brothers wild ideas. I developed the look and feel, sourced support material and executed the animation.

This piece served to introduce the audience to the brother's off-beat humor and ended with a mouth chewing up and spitting out a composite image of the brothers and their logo as it blared the phrase, "Let's eat!!"

  Oyster piece interstitial

This collage-animation introduced an editorial video piece in which the brothers toured Hog Island Oysters, north of San Francisco. It began with the phrase, "It took a brave man to eat the first oyster."

  Vadan dreams of Sushi

This collage-animation piece served to introduce the Less Brother's visit to Tokyo Go Go Sushi in San Francisco, where they challeged the proprietor to come up with some on the spot dishes ala "Iron Chef".

  The Trade Show Booth

Once the video was complete and pressed to DVD we developed a breadth of collateral materials and imagery for the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) trade show in Las Vegas.

We created a booth banner, large scale posters and mounted screen shots from the video on foam core.

  The Trade Show Booth

Sirr and Vadan were lucky enough to land a primo spot near some industry heavy hitters. They reported that their low-budget booth was among the most professional looking in the area and were able to get their pilot in the hands of several network executives, all of whom were impressed with the quality of the piece.

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