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  Branding the Indie Documentary

Gavin Newsom’s landmark decision to allow gay marriage in San Francisco inspired Lee and John to create a documentary on the subject. They needed a complete package to publicize the film at festivals throughout the country, including promotional posters and fliers, a DVD of the film, a web site and more.

We focused on developing a central image for the poster that could be easily and economically applied to related materials. The compelling imagery helped drive audiences to experience the film's powerful message.

My role on the project included art direction, design, and all production.

I created these deliverables
• Justly Married Logo
• Movie Poster
• Brochure style site interface

  Initial ID/Poster ideas

I worked with John and Lee to identify a few directions they wanted to explore. The design needed to be bold and eye-catching while applicable to a variety of design needs. I started with some logo ideas and quickly moved to a variety of poster comps.

  Initial ID/Poster ideas

Any number of these designs could have been appropriate. Each focused on the idea of love and companionship….

  Initial ID/Poster ideas

While introducing the broad cast of compelling characters that appeared in the film.

  Poster detail

The passage of Proposition 8 in California has probably reduced the relevance of our decision to use text from the California Constitution to suggest the equal rights of all human beings.

  Promotional web site

With a limited budget, we created a barebones website to provide information about the film to interested parties.

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