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  Pitch book to land a gaming industry heavy hitter was an online destination for gamers. It provided unique editorial content and a powerful matching network for gamers to play one another online. To compete effectively Heat needed to provide access to the biggest and best games in the industry.

Quake was one the most popular multiplayer games on the site. Developer Id Software was preparing to release Quake 3 and Heat wanted to land the game.

I was tasked with developing a custom leave-behind for the marketing department's pitch. They suggested adapting the classic story "Fun with Dick and Jane" as "Frag with Dick and Jane". I adapted the imagery, designed the book and wrote the copy.

My role on the project was Art Director, designer, writer, and production.

  Bloody good fun

Not everyone approves of violent videogames, but this approach was appropriate for the industry. The "Frag with Dick and Jane" pamphlet was bold and clever. We combined the classic art with screenshots and textures from the actual game.

  Bloody good fun

Arcane references helped us show that we understood our community and understood gaming. And the humor made it fun.

  Bloody good fun

The vintage imagery gave the piece a cool retro feel. Marketing was pleased, and it was another win for the art department.

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