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  Wake Up! Face Facts! Flip it!
The Collaborative Transmedia
Political Campaign

180 is a complete trans-media, interventionist political campaign dedicated to activating and energizing American Baby Boomers to affect positive social and political change. Art Center graduate students collaborated in this unique 3-term project, which began with a trio of phrases: baby boomers, entertainment media and social justice, proceeded through a phase of design reseach and culminated in unique installation events throughout Los Angeles.

My role on the project included design, copywriting, and production.

I created these deliverables
• Helped brainstorm the overall project
• Developed the poster and collateral
• Developed script concepts for the videos
• Wrote copy for the advertising and the
script for the presentation

  Initial Logo exploration

One of my early suggestions for a logo was an alarm clock to wake people up to the consequences of important issues. I thought the discordant image of a clock set to 1:80 would communicate that something was wrong and time was of the essence.

  Video message storyboard

Among the stories I storyboarded and scripted was that of a young boy’s adventurous daydream when he gets lost in the cavernous depths of his family's SUV.

  Flipit 180 collateral

I developed two sets of collateral: a poster/brochure that was given out at each event and an interactive form with a logo button that was handed out at the mobile interventions.

  Flipit 180 issues poster

We wanted to create posters highlighting each of the subjects we’d be addressing in our animated commercials. But we only had budget to produce one poster.

  Flipit 180 issues poster architecture

I suggested the idea of a single poster that could fold in three different ways to create a pamphlet highlighting the three different topics.

  Flipit 180 issues poster detail

I wrote all the copy for the poster and designed it with help from the branding team. Elliot Lim provided the illustrations.

  Flipit 180 issues poster folded into a brochure

I wrote all the copy for the poster and designed it with help from the branding team. Elliot Lim provided the illustrations.

At the events we provided versions of the poster folded into all three permutations.

  Flipit 180 interactive collateral

Interactive forms were passed out at our mobile intervention events. Participants could keep the top portion of the document, which served as a reminder of the on-campus party event. They were asked to indicate a specific problem that needed solving. These forms were collected and displayed at the on-campus event where participants could literally turn them on their head and comment on the proposed issues with potential solutions.

  Art Center presentation promotion posters

Once the program was complete we documented our experience and presented our findings to the Art Center community. I penned copy for powerful posters that Jennifer Darmour and Sarah Schmidt designed to display around campus. Art Center's advertising department roundly praised the ads.

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