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  User Interface design

While web sites are a form of user interface, I have also had the opportunity to design the interfaces for several real and virtual applications.

The principles tend to be quite similar:
• making use of existing conventions
• maximizing formal space, organizing and making things easy to find and identify
• using color appropriately, etc.

Unless otherwise indicated,
my role on the project included art direction, design, and production.

  The Altigen Alticonsole

I worked on this interface with Robert Trent of Velocity7. The product was designed to help an operator attendant to handle a high volume of calls easily and effectively while maintaining personalized service.

The application includes glowing mouse-over and depressed mouse-down states. It allows an operator to manage complex communications real-time on a familiar looking device.

The product received positive reviews in a number of technology journals.

  ChironVision Phacoemulsification System

Working with Relsys International, I helped develop the touchscreen interface of this high-end cataract surgery machine.

The animated icons and meters clearly communicate a great deal of complicated information in an environment with no room for error.

  Comps for Spatializer's VSP-11 interface

Spatializer developed audio plug-ins. Their technology was quite advanced and was incorporated into a number of high-end audio component hardware systems.

They brought me in to design an interface for their virtual VSP-11 plug-in, which provides system-wide 3D-sound processing on the Windows platform.

I worked with them on a number of comps for their device.

  Comps for Spatializer's VSP-11 interface

This design was intended to look a futuristic car speaker, with bubbles cascading in-sync with the music.

  Final design for Spatializer's VSP-11 interface

Spatializer decided that they did not want their plug-in to look like all the other audio plug-ins that were going in a futuristic tech direction.

They wanted their interface to look like a modernized version of a vintage Wurlitzer. They wanted it to be fun and easy to use. lobby tool and instant messenger

As part of the redesign for Segasoft, we redesigned the social networking applications gamers used to connect online. The lobby tool was a chat device that enabled gamers to find competitors online and lauch hosted games right from the lobbies.

The Heat Seeker helped them identify which of their friends were online to quickly set up and play games.

I provided a number of graphically advanced comps for these applications but we were constrained by the technological and manpower limitations of the time. We had to stay within a pretty rigid windows framework.

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